WHy do we matter?

"Our technology is designed specifically for electrostatic and capacitive based systems, our solutions provide the highest industry available efficiencies for charging these storage solutions, including the highest round trip efficiencies for grid service applications."

~ Mitchell Miller, CEO

"Utilizing our systems in cycle based operations allows a narrowed spread and closes the efficiency gap, allowing repeated charging and discharging operations over traditional market cycles!"

~ Graham Miles, Communications Officer

" Throughout my 15 years as a certified electrician I have been leading large teams, collaborating with design, and constructing major projects throughout British Columbia. This includes being a general foreman on the Kitimat modernization project, a project which cost approximately $4.8 billion dollars.

I have seen first hand the increased power requirements, and power fluctuations that cause the need for quick charge and discharge energy storage. This is a concrete need going forward which has yet to be tapped." 

~ Dean Hedman, Technical Operations

"During my time as Mayor of Abbotsford, British Columbia I had the privilege to work with multiple departments and organizations helping turn ideas into concrete realities. 

My training to become a Doctor of Chiropractic taught me to look outside the box, welcome new ideas, while taking a common sense approach to problem solving. These acquired skills and knowledge, will help me lead this project and turn our vision into another concrete reality."

~ Dr. Bruce Banman, Project Lead

High demand systems

High demanding systems where power consumption drives costs and where efficiencies are a critical consideration may benefit from energy storage redesign, where projected savings can be realized over short term timelines when assessing retrofit costs. 

Our Solutions

Wholesale Grid Services

Within the wholesale energy market our grid storage solutions are designed to allow multiple charging and discharging cycles throughout the typical daily operational demand curve. 

With weighted efficiencies that can meet 96.4% round trip allows a competitive and narrowed trading window, with a high power discharge capability. 

Energy Efficiency is Our focus  

Transportations Solutions

Industry setting charging efficiency allows the integrations of our solutions into multiple internal transportations systems, including regenerative braking systems and EV's utilizing capacitive energy storage solutions. These systems offer ideal operation in that energy and power can be received and delivered at high rates and intensities. 

Creating Reliable Efficient Systems

We know the importance of energy efficiency in servicing the grid, electric vehicle, and high power consuming devices.  
Our team works diligently to innovate and create new product integrations to leverage our leading edge technologies into scalable competitive solutions.

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Integratable systems

Frequency regulated systems and timing based solutions in electronics and devices can greatly benefit from design integration of our solutions. This is by providing continued operating efficiency and extending operational run times due to reduced run time losses caused by capacitive based timing design.