Mitchell Miller

CEO, Founder 

Dean Hedman

Technical Operations, Founder

Dr. Bruce Banman

Project Lead, Founder
Transforming Coal - Instead of Burning it

Our team is focused on One Task, bringing our Coal-based Energy Storage Solution to world wholesale energy markets.

Our company is developing Ultracapacitor Energy Storage Systems that use low-grade thermal coal as the main ingredient. Our solution does not burn coal, instead it transforms it into activated carbon, an ingredient used in, and for the production of, numerous common everyday products. Our solution will enable an ultra-low cost, highly efficient, and flexible energy storage solution that will allow the transition into a clean renewable electrical grid.  

We have a Patented Electrostatic Charging Technology that will give us a competitive advantage with respect to efficiency, and flexible rapid ramp times. Allowing our technology to operate in a narrowed price spread, and the nature of capacitive storage technology allows expedited charging and discharging rates, and long lifespans, typically 1- 2 million complete cycles. 


Coal-Based Ultracapacitors for Grid Scale Energy Storage

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​Patented Deflection Conversion Charging Technology Offering our Energy Storage Solution a World Leading 93.5% Return-Trip Energy Efficiency 

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