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Mitchell Miller

CEO, Founder 

Our team is focused on one task, bringing our efficient energy storage and charging solution to world wholesale energy markets. Initially utilizing our advantage for return trip energy efficiency to purchase, store and then resell energy In the competitive wholesale energy markets. Through an active arbitrage based market platform and operating through the CAISO our team is investing in developing capacitive storage capacity that is able to be actively deployed in real time and day before markets to capture fluctuations in market price, operating multiple daily cycles over the typical demand curve.

Our completive advantage with respect to efficiency, and flexible rapid ramp times allows us to operate in a narrowed price spread and the nature of capacitive storage allows expedited charging and discharging rates including typical lifespans of over 2 million completed cycles. The anticipated daily operational cycles of between 5-16 daily return trips will allow the expected lifespans of our storage systems to maintain consistent daily operation for between 20- 200 years respectively, with regular servicing. This replacement model allows focus on capacity expansion and high quality system design and procurement on a continuous basis.

Our efficiency model allows the fluctuations typical to real-time power demand and supply to be mitigated through an open and free market mechanism. Through free market competition our team will help reduce costs for Californians and compete openly with ancillary services and traditional storage and generation operations.  

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Dean Hedman

Technical Operations, Founder

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Project Lead, Founder
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